🗲 Ultimate POWER SUPPLY Resource Page 🗲


Don't want that to happen huh!

Power Supply Units (PSU's) are the beating hearts of electronic devices. Buying a cheap power supply is a sure ticket to frying any device.

As a professional in the electronic sales and purchases I have seen far too many times clueless people buying a $1000 PC with a $20 PSU, only to see it burn months later at the first voltage drop.

(WORD OF ADVICE ---> have a PC? buy a UPS! But we'll get to that later...)


They matter not only for PC's! Cheap devices purchased from China (websites e.g. 1688.com) come equipped with TERRIBLE power supplies, barely working, minimum cost - these not just break but START FIRES and MAY EXPLODE!

Buy your electronics from reliable stores (bonus points - if MADE IN THE US OF A) and always check for a certified power supply and/or (rechargable) batteries.

when quantity >> quality!

Your PC doesn't turn on?

First of all, check the power supply. You can see if it looks burnt, but most electronic failures won't be noticed by a layman. Is your PSU blacklisted? If so, case closed. Next time you'll build a better PC.

IF YOUR PSU IS WHITELISTED ----- only then you can email me at joshua.ratbergstein@hotmail.ca, I can try to help for $40 + $20/hour - include pictures of the OPEN PC case with the PSU labels visible (mind I don't download emails over 2MB so split it if need be). I work 9-5 Sun-Thu (ET).

>>> PSU Whitelist! <<<

Amacrox, Antec, Astec, be quiet, Chieftec, CoolerMaster, Corsair, Delta, Enermax, Enlight, Fortron (now, not regenerated), Modecom (MC, Volcano), OCZ, PCPower&Cooling, Pentagram, Seasonic, Silver Power, Tacens, Tagan, ThermalTake, Topower, Xilence (only new models since 2012), Yesico, Zalman.

>>> PSU BLACKlist!!! <<<

Achieve, Akyga, Altis, Aspire, Atlas, Aton, Bandit, Bestec, Carbon (not Modecom), Coba, Codegen, ColorSit, COMPAQ, Computer, Cube Max, Deer, Delux, Eurocase, Everpower, modecom feel, Fever, Four Star, Gembird, Gigabajt, GoodWatt, Hawk, Hec, Impet, Incore, Intex-Action, i-box, I-TEC, KingStar, LC Power, Levicom, Likeenergy, Linkword, L&C, Logic, LOGISYS, Macron, Megabajt, Mercury, Metropilis, Modecom modecom feel, Mustang, Newton Power, Pangu, Platin Power, Power, Power Color, Powercomp, Powerfox, Powertec, Procase, Procomp, Octigen, Opengate, Qoltec, QTECHNOLOGY, Q-tec, RAIDMAX, Rebeltec, Rubikon, Ropla, Sansun, SilenX, Sun Pro, Suntek, Take Me, Task, TE, Tracer, Tronje, Ultra Media, V Power, Whitenergy, Win, Xilence (built before 2012), XION, X-Power, 2N